“Kickboxing at United Martial Arts Center (UMAC) has changed my life. Three years ago, a friend asked me if I would go with her. She knew that I was hooked when I bought my own boxing gloves. Some days, I felt like I would have to drag myself to get there. But after arriving, the energy, inspiration, and encouragement from the instructors and the other students would change my attitude. I would definitely be thankful that I went and sweated. The instructors are well trained, loving, caring and uniquely different in each of their approaches which challenge my different muscles. I lost 15 pounds, and have kept it off, which took a lot of discipline and was empowering.

“When you walk into UMAC, there is a sense of safety and acceptance from everyone. Did I mention that everyone there – and I mean everyone – is very kind and nonjudgmental? Well, it’s true! I truly feel like the people that I work out with are my friends. We help each other by holding each other accountable. After working out, I always have a better attitude about life and myself.”

“I can’t thank God enough for giving Theresa the dream to open UMAC. What a blessing it is for me! Very thankful.”

Pam Roberts