Grand Master Chris Natzke – 7th Degree Black Belt 

For the past 43 years, Chris Natzke has been a dedicated student and teacher of the martial arts, reaching the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt/Grand Master Instructor as well as winning the United States National Championships in 1999.  Prior to this, Master Natzke left a very successful career as a corporate sales executive to open his own martial arts studio.  Since that time, he has impacted the lives of literally thousands of students, promoting over 500 students to the rank of Black Belt and beyond through his “Qualities of
Black Belt Excellence”.

Also a powerful motivational speaker, In “Leadership through Black Belt Excellence”, Master Natzke shares how the qualities of setting a powerful Vision, demonstrating Persistence and showing Compassion to yourself and others can set one free to experience the success and happiness that is our birthright and positively impact those
around us.

Contact him at 720-427-2835 or at

*He is the Grand Master of United Martial Arts Center, and can be found instructing in our very crowded Tuesday, 7pm class once a month! The opportunity to train with such a pedigreed Grand Master is usually very rare!

Master Theresa Byrne, B.A., C.M.T , AFAA/ISMA &AAAI – 4th Degree Black BeltKnow Your Strengths

Theresa Byrne wants to empower & inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and live healthy lives. She is a 4th Degree Black Belt (with training in TKD, Krav Maga, Hapkido, Combat Hapkido, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Jun Fan, escrima, and a variety of other arts), a fitness instructor, intuitive, motivational speaker, life/empowerment coach, and co-founder of POW Power Of Women Training Programs a self-empowerment/defense program for women by women. Check out her online and blog site at or articles on The Huffington Post or The Good Men Project.
theresaWorking with both kids and adults she has spent over 20 years training people to transform and love their lives.  Her passion for the martial arts and how it can transform lives can be seen on the KWGN Channel 2 series, “Secrets of Success“.She is the national health & defense expert seen on 2010 SPIKE TV’s series, Don’t Be a Victim, Because Lives Depend On It, and Practical Tactical. Dont Be A Victim – Week 18: On SpikeTV – YouTube  A fun & energetic instructor, Theresa wants to help others find and keep their power, in such seminars as “Finding Your Voice,”, “Practical Self Defense”, and “Holistic Power for Healthy Living” or “Parenting 101…Tips to Help Parents Stay Sane” and a variety of other self-empowerment programs for kids/adults.Theresa is one of the few experts (the only martial artist) in the 9News Health Fair “In the Classroom” programs, she is the author of “InPower: 3 Ways to Unleash Your Superpowers”; the creator of the DVD “Fitness Revolution for Kids”, is featured in the ABC Family TV show “Fitting In” helping kids get healthy, and appears in the book, “FAT is not a Four Letter Word” as a fitness and movement expert, Theresa is a certified Anger Management Coach/Educator, FAST Defense Coach and Spokesperson, and has been offering empowerment programs in local schools for over 12 years. She is also a founding member of MadHens, a networking group based solely on empowering women, on the Denver Board for Made By Survivors , donates time at Family Tree, House of Hope, Denver Kids, The Bridge Project, Warren Village and Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.Theresa won the AMEX M3 award from the Women’s Economic Development Council in 2011, is also very active in the business organizations like EO, Entrepreneur Organization, involved in helping business owners succeed.

Theresa is also the owner of United Martial Arts Center in Englewood, Colorado.  She has also been blessed to be featured on many of the local and national media outlets as a fitness & defense expert, children’s development coach, and fight choreographer for film. She’s been seen on:  9News, Colorado & Company, WB2’s Morning Show, The Denver Post under “Fitness Finds”,  “The Best Defense” TV show, “Practical Tactical” on Spike TV, Kung Fu Kops movie, Vim & Vigor magazine, Metaphysical Journey magazine, and the international Mensa magazine covering her holistic self-defense programs, tactics and philosophy. You can see some of the videos at our UMACDenver YouTube channel. Theresa is also one of the few female instructors trained by International Police Defense Tactics Institute (IPDTI). When Theresa isn’t out trying to change the world she enjoys meditating, reading, writing, creating inspiring videos with kids, and napping!

Master Terry Harmel – 4th Degree Black Belt 

“Master H” is a 4th degree black belt who began training in Tae Kwon Do in 1992, as a sedentary 33 year old. He knows how it feels to have aching muscles and stiff joints. He knows how it feels to be the least athletic person in the room. And he knows how it feels to overcome these limitations and accomplish his goals in martial arts.

img_5578Master H likes traditional techniques and working with weapons, especially escrima sticks. He gets his greatest satisfaction out of watching (and helping) someone do something they never thought they could.


Ms. Linda Wickes, 3rd Degree Black Belt and UMAC School Director

Ms. Linda is a familiar face to many around UMAC – especially our higher belts. She worked at UMAC full-time from 2005 – 2008 and then left to help run centralized operations for all 3 CAMA schools (UMAC, FMAC & PAMA). Most recently before returning to UMAC, she was helping out at FMAC.

Ms. Linda is one of the UMAC Team that truly is the “glue”, she is happiest when she’s helping others, an amazing problem solver, and is a great resource when seeking out answer to your UMAC or martial arts questions.

1306027_023Ms. Linda has been involved with martial arts since 1994. She began training in Taekwondo with her daughter and earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt with ATA. She loved training & helping so much that she became a certified instructor in 1998 and co-founded Parker Academy of Martial Arts in late 1998. At that time she met Master Natzke who became the school’s master instructor and provided his business and teaching expertise to help PAMA become a successful school. She retested with Master Natzke for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt rank with WTF. She ran PAMA and instructed until early 2005, when she decided to sell the school to one of her original students and current owner of PAMA, Tim Luft.

Ms. Linda loves helping kids and adults discover their passion for martial arts. She can help answer most of your questions and/or direct you to the right person for answers. When you see her smiling face behind the desk, know that she is there to help make your experience at UMAC the best!

Master Jason Natzke – 4th Degree Black Belt

Master Jason Natzke has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and started as a small child, thanks to the encouragement of his father, UMAC’s Grand Master Chris Natzke. Jason is a shining example not only a skilled martial artist, but of what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it, having overcome a stutter when he spoke in public to become one of the most beloved and inspirational instructors at UMAC. He helps others find their own voice and be the best they can possibly be as they work through the every-day challenges of life. Master Jason is truly a blessing to the world.

Jim Keiffer

Mr. Jim Keiffer – 1st Degree Black Belt 

Jim Keiffer started his journey to Black Belt in the Spring of 2012 along with his daughter Alicia. Jim has been very active at UMAC and quickly developed a passion for helping others. Shortly after receiving his Black Belt, Jim became an instructor and now guides others through the learning process. He especially loves teaching and demonstrating forms. Jim has recently taken on managing the Black Belt candidate process at UMAC and helps to ensure that everyone meets their requirements. Jim is currently working towards earning his 2nd Degree and hopes that his experiences as an older student will help others in their training.